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At CES we have developed the HYGENIK brand of top-quality cleaning products and janitorial chemicals. We know that the HYGENIK range offers the perfect solution for companies that wish to purchase cleaning materials in bulk, but are on a limited budget.
With competitive pricing, high quality assurance and superior end-use dilution rates, HYGENIK products are designed to make cleaning easier and more economical.

Multi-purpose Detergent

Multi-purpose, multi-surface dilutable detergent

A multi-purpose detergent concentrate that is ecologically sound and environmentally compatible. Easily diluted with water for maximum economy, it has been specially formulated for use on floors, walls, bench tops, counter tops, sinks and other surfaces. This powerful all-purpose detergent quickly cuts through grease, grime and dirt.


Liquid Hand Soap

Effective liquid hand soap with a pleasant fragrance

A gentle liquid soap to clean and protect hands. Tough on grime but easy on your skin, this hand soap is free of any harsh chemicals and softens with natural ingredients. It contains emollients and skin conditioners to soothe and maintain soft skin, even with frequent washing.


Dishwashing Liquid

Gentle and effective hand washing-up liquid

A dishwashing liquid has been specially formulated with natural active ingredients to give excellent cleaning results. The concentrated formula cuts through grease and grime and provides longer-lasting cleaning action. Ideal for all hand washing up requirements.


Orange Dishwashing Liquid

Powerful hand washing-up detergent with vinegar

This extra-strength washing-up liquid is powerful, yet soft on the hands, and is perfect for use in busy environments where results count. The addition of vinegar helps cut through grease more quickly, efficiently and effectively.


General Purpose Antibacterial Cleaner

Excellent all-round cleaner for hard surfaces and floors

This versatile antibacterial multi-purpose cleaner contains proven and effective ingredients that clean and protect. Not only does it clean, disinfect and prevent bacterial build up, it also degreases.


Oven Cleaner

Powerful and effective cleaner for use on cold ovens, grills and kitchen equipment

This cold oven and grill cleaner penetrates encrusted grease and grime. Highly effective in removing baked-on fats, greases and carbon it is recommended for cleaning grills, deep fryers, hoods and canopies where grease and carbon accumulate, and is suitable for use on stainless steel, steel, chrome, iron, copper and most baked enamel oven surfaces.


Rinse Aid

Dishwashing machine additive for reduced drying time and spot-free finish

Get a spot-free shine and a quick drying time with this effective rinse additive. The rinse aid liquid can be used in commercial dish-washing machines, in all water conditions – and it contains a specially-formulated drying agent for a streak-free finish on china, glassware, silverware and plastic ware.


Automatic Dishwasher Detergent

Highly effective detergent suitable for both domestic and commercial use

An excellent automatic dishwasher detergent, formulated to get dishes, pots and pans sparkling clean. Powerful enough to easily remove most grease and food stains this product will give great cleaning results on crockery, dishware, silverware, and glassware.


Kitchen Equipment Scale Remover

Efficient scale remover for all kitchen equipment and surfaces – can also be used for dishwashers, boilers and steamers

Keeping kitchen equipment free of lime scale is hard, but this descaler makes the job easier! It works to eliminate lime scale build up, helping make equipment perform better and last longer. Used correctly this extremely versatile product is effective on stainless steel, aluminium, copper, iron and glass items.


Window and Glass Cleaner

Smear-free cleaner for windows, mirrors, glass and laminate surfaces and ceramic tiles

Ideal for windows, mirrors, doors, display cases, countertops and other glass surfaces, this window and glass cleaner keeps the sparkle. A unique blend of surfactants and solvents makes it highly efficient at quickly penetrating and removing dust, grease, soil, and smoke – and it will not leave any residue or streaks, giving a perfect shine.


Toilet Cleaner

Combined toilet cleaner, descaler and deodoriser that can be safely used in all toilets and urinals

This cleaner/descaler/disinfectant toilet cleaner is perfect for all public locations due to its superior disinfecting and deodorising abilities. Versatile and effective it is great for toilets, sinks and urinals, easily removing stains and hard-water deposits. The formula is highly effective in combating a broad spectrum of bacteria and eliminating offensive odours, and leaves a clean, sanitized surface.


Liquid Bleach

General-purpose liquid bleach that cleans, deodorises, bleaches and disinfects, for use on all bleach-resistant surfaces

This bleach is perfect for everyday needs! A great choice for all janitorial applications, it is ideal for disinfecting and deodorising bleach-resistant, nonporous surfaces such as floors, walls, work surfaces and restroom fixtures. It can also be used on nonporous food-contact surfaces, including dishes, utensils and restaurant equipment, as well as cutting boards and butcher blocks.


Fabric Conditioner

High-quality liquid fabric softener and conditioner for use in all types of automatic washing machines

By using this concentrated fabric softener in your automatic washing machine all your linens will always be soft and have a fresh, clean smell. The reliable formula will gently fluff and soften the whole load, while reducing static cling and helping to shorten drying times.

HYGENIK Product 1

Laundry Powder

Free-flowing effective laundry powder formulated for all types of washing machine

A free-flowing laundry powder for use in all types of washing machine. Specially formulated for low lather, this non-bio washing powder is safe for use on all fabrics and achieves extremely high standards of cleaning whilst maintaining optimum levels of whiteness and brightness. It is suitable for both industrial and domestic situations and ideal for use in hotels, resorts, and other tourism-related industries.


Cream Cleaner

Liquid cream specially formulated for cleaning, scouring and polishing without scratching delicate surfaces

A mildly abrasive cream cleaner that is ideal for cleaning surfaces such as stainless steel, vitreous enamel, hard plastic, tiles, cooker tops, etc. It also has a pleasant fragrance to freshen as you clean.

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